Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's talk about...SHOPPING

So, I guess most of the girls who like fashion like
to go shopping, so I thought it will be
good&interesting to talk about this and
share opinions :)

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  I took this photo and I love it! What do you think?

I love to go shopping.

Especilly on sales :D And i think that sales are the perfect time to renew your weardrobe or just to buy other things that you need (or not :)) ) at the best prices. I usually go shopping with my friens or with my mom.

 What about brands?

Do you only buy designer/brand clothes&accesories? Or you prefere little no-name stores?
I personally prefer to mix&match. I love some little shops in my city which hide real "treasures" at low prices but I adore big stores too. My favourite brand is H&M. Too bad we don't have it here, in Romania. Then I like some stores from the Inditex group (Zara, Stradivarius&Bershka) and Orsay. Oh and from the internet I love TopShop&ASOS but unfortunatelly I don't have too many pieces from the last two :( And I have to recognize I LOVE Chanel bags. Looove them. Too bad they're so expensive (#*$#*%#) and I don't have any income.

I'm curious what do fashion lovers think about shopping and I can't wait to find out new shopping methodes :)) or to find about lovely stores & brands.

So, I challenge you to leave a comment and tell me
about your shopping habbits and your favourites

P.S. I want to thank you all for the lovely comments! It's so nice to see you have feedback and that someone appreciates and likes what you are trying to do! And i hope this will last! :)


  1. Pacat ca reducerile de la noi nu se compara cu cele din strainatate ;<
    Acolo sa vezi reduceri adevarate la zara si H&m.
    Eu imi cumpar de la miniprix tricouri,pantaloni si multe alte chestii ieftine(de obicei pana in 20 ron).Doar cand vine vorba de incaltaminte,genti,accesorii ma duc in mall.(si asta doar daca sunt la reduceri)
    I'm really cheap ( ^.^ )

  2. Da, din pacate asa e. Dincolo reducerile sunt suuuper. :) Sunt curioasa cand va fi si la noi asa. :-< Ah si ce rau imi pare ca noi nu avem miniprix in Cj

  3. Eu sunt fana Bershka si Pull and Bear :D Dar de obicei cumpar de la ei doar cand au oferte/reduceri. :)

  4. mix&match here too!
    mie imi mai plac si Parfois, Depot 96, Tina R si cateva outlete!

  5. great outfit,
    You look beautiful!!!

  6. OMG i am in love with your bag! where is it from??

    great blog!


  7. @Blicious, thank you! this bag is from chanel :D



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